Whilst capsules are a very popular option for taking OG Omega3 PLUS, we at OG HQ love to incorporate the oil into our menu.

Here are some of our favourite ways…

🍓 A smoothie – just add a teaspoon into your favourite recipe.

🥗 A salad dressing – classic viniagrette, caesar, lemon, balsamic, honey & mustard… take your pick!

🍅 A cold soup (remember our oil cannot be heated as it will lose it’s power!) – think vichyssoise, gazpacho, pea & mint or cucumber.

🍤  As a dip – mix with houmous, taramasalata, artichoke, aioli, harisa, crab & chilli…. choices, choices!

🥖 Or just simply combine with a good apple cider vinegar or balsamic and soak up with a delicious crusty bread.