To celebrate the start of 2021, we are offering 3 for2 on OG Omega-3 PLUS capsule and oil multi-buys.

OG is a powerful nutraceutical and has far-reaching benefits: heart health, brain and mood function, eye health, musco-skeletal, beauty benefits (better hair, skin and nails), the list goes on.  In addition, our product is uniquely different with:

Vitamin D3 added to support healthy teeth, bones and muscles.

1000mg Omega-3 including DHA, EPA and DPA.

Oxidation protection from cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil.

Sustinable fish species – wild-caught North Atlantic herring.

Fully-traceable from our own trawlers to our quayside in Kristiansand.

No fishy flavours!

Ocean-friendly packaging – no plastics!

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