Heart disease risk rises for everyone as they age, but for women symptoms can become more evident after the onset of menopause. ❤️

Oestrogen is a hormone naturally produced in a woman’s body which forms a vital part of regulating the menstrual cycle. It can offer some protection against coronary artery disease therefore reducing the risk of a heart attack. It helps to control your cholesterol levels and so reduces the risk of fatty plaques building up inside the artery walls.

As we get older the blood vessels can become stiffer, caused by high blood pressure. This is a risk factor associated with heart attacks and stroke

During and after the menopause, a woman’s body gradually produces less oestrogen than it used to. This increases the risk of the coronary arteries narrowing whereas it previously protected the lining of the artery walls reducing the build-up of plaque. This increases your risk of developing coronary heart disease, or a circulatory condition such as stroke.

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