OG Omega3-PLUS and Cardiovascular Health

OG Omega3-PLUS and Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death on the planet. It has many causes: smoking, diabetes, drinking alcohol to rate conditions. However, there are also many positive things we can do for our hearts:

Take an Omega-3 supplement such as OG Omega-3 PLUS

Eat a healthy diet

Do not smoke

Get plenty of exercise

Reduce stress (e.g. through yoga/meditation)

Research has shown that high concentrations of DHA, EPA as well as DPA contribute toward the normal function of the heart and protection from cardiovascular disease.

OG Omega-3 PLUS has a unique formulation, which has been developed over 30 years, and it has a super strength composition with 2-3 times more DHA than EPA. Omega 3 contributes to the heart’s normal function, helps maintain normal blood triglyceride levels and normal blood pressure. For more detailed research click here.

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