OG ØMEGA-3 PLUS Oil 150ml

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What makes ØMEGA-3 PLUS formula unique?

  • The finest sustainable North Atlantic Herring, staple of the healthy Nordic diet and even richer than salmon in Omega-3 oils.
  • Cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil provides powerful antioxidants (polyphenols) which help prevent inflammation and guard against oxidation of the Omega-3s before and after consumption.
  • An Omega-3 boosting concentrate containing additional EPA and DHA plus DPA – (our research team’s essential ingredient.) totalling 1g of omega3’s per day.
  • Vitamin D – to support healthy bones, teeth muscles and immune system.
  • Fully recyclable – Ocean friendly packaging – no plastics.

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Extensive research has been done on the benefits of omega-3 – from contributing to a healthy heart to supporting brain, eyes and joints. The research however has often had conflicting results on effectiveness. Our ØMEGA-3 PLUS oil is based on over 30 years of research.

Omega-3 oils are susceptible to oxidation as the natural antioxidants within the fish oil are destroyed during the production process. To counter this and to provide the best natural antioxidant we have added Extra Virgin Olive Oil to our mixture of the finest North Atlantic Herring oil, produced at our world leading facility in Norway, and a powerful Omega-3 concentrate to ensure you get your daily requirement.

A daily dosage of ØMEGA-3 PLUS provides our recommended amount of three important Omega-3 fatty acids, DHA, EPA and DPA*.

We’ve also added Vitamin D as we don’t always get enough sun, the source of most of our natural intake of Vitamin D, as we should (or like) to. Each batch is independently tested to ensure that there are no heavy metals and that the oil has not oxidized.

*DPA is especially important for maintaining Cardiovascular health. Most fish oils on the market contain little or no DPA.


The Førmulation

North Atlantic Herring is an oily fish with more omega-3s than salmon. As well as the omega-3 fatty acids it also contains a very special long-chain mono unsaturated fatty acid – Euric Acid, which has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and has been shown to have a significant effect in preventing atherosclerosis in laboratory testing.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – which has a high polyphenol content

Vitamin D3 – for your bones, teeth, muscles and immune system.