As the latest lockdown coincides with the dark winter months it’s more important that ever to make sure you’re looking after your health. We asked nutrition coach Amber Macintosh from Dandelion Wellbering @dandelionwellbeingfor a delicious and immunity boosting smoothie recipe:

🍓 Take a handful of mixed frozen berries
🥛 2 cups of enriched cashew milk @plenishdrinks
🌾 A tablespoon of hemp seeds
🥄 A teaspoon of vanilla paste to sweeten
🐟 and your daily dose of OG Omega-3 PLUS oil

This is a wonderful recipe as it has a mix of fats, fibre, plant protein and carbs. Mixed berries give a mix of antioxidants are low in frutose. A winter winner!

And take advance of an extra boost as we’ve got 3 for 2 on all multibuys during January.