What makes Ømega-3 Plus unique?

Formulated and researched by us

ØMEGA-3 PLUS from OG Science & Wellbeing has been developed to deliver the full potential and benefits of its Essential Long Chain Fatty Acids.

It is a combination of science and the finest sustainable, traceable ingredients all working together in a unique formulation.

The beneficial effects of Omega 3s have been well documented. But what makes ØMEGA-3 PLUS unique?

Origins & Ingredients

The finest natural and sustainable ingredients

 ØMEGA-3 PLUS is produced in our own quayside refinery in Kristiansund, where fish and fishing has been a tradition for many hundreds of years. Here the herring oil is purified, fortified with an omega 3 concentrate and blended with Extra Virgin Olive oil.

ØMEGA-3 PLUS consists of the finest ingredients. Our herring is sourced from the North Atlantic. It is sustainable, traceable and contains high levels of omega 3 oils. Some say more than salmon.

Our cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is sourced from one specific grower in Spain and provides the anti-oxidants missing in most other omega-3 supplements.



All ingredients in OG ØMEGA-3 PLUS are sustainable, traceable and natural. As Norwegians we understand the importance of using only sustainable, traceable fish stocks and maintaining clean, healthy seas.

As a manufacturer we are fully aware of our green responsibilities and have made every effort to avoid using plastics in our packaging, which is why ØMEGA-3 PLUS is packaged in aluminium containers – recyclable and reusable.

P A T E N T E D    I N    N O R W A Y

Our ØMEGA-3 PLUS formulation is unique and is patented in Norway.

NORWAY: 2017103